Thursday, December 24, 2009

A christmas check up of my parents computers

Symbolic link in Windows
I just realized that you are able to make symbolic links of directories on NTFS systems. On Windows 2000 and XP you can use junktion. While you can use mklink on Vista and Window 7 systems.

I have for the past two years or so tried to make my parents switch to Linux. Now, I have just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my mom's (yeaier). However, a new wireless adapter was needed. I choice a D-link DWL-G510 ver. C2 pci adapter, and was pleased to see that WPA worked out of the box.

My parents have a D-link DI-524UP rounter with print server. In ubuntu add a printer as 'Network Printer -> LPD/LPR Host or Printer'. Put as Host and lp1 (this should be the Queue Name under 'Status -> Printer Info' when you log on the router) as Queue.

Merry christmas!

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